Industry Expertise

ADVANTIS Global provides a highly skilled workforce to our diversified client base through specialization of industry expertise. We work diligently to attract, retain, and deliver the best IT consultants available in the industries which we serve. Every organization is different. At ADVANTIS Global we remain focused on developing our specialized expertise over time in order to better understand the unique needs of our clients and their customers. We remain attentive to current trends and pending legislation that can impact any of our clients. This enables us to consistently deliver superior resources which meet or exceed their ongoing needs. ADVANTIS Global is committed to developing and nurturing the expertise required to service the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Healthcare, Biomedical, Clinical
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Retail

We take great pride in the strong relationships ADVANTIS Global has established with a variety of Fortune 500, mid-tier market, and promising start-up companies. Many of our clients rely on complex, distributed, transactional applications with underlying business rules that change rapidly to meet market-driven demands. Others have unique IT infrastructure needs or must meet strict regulatory requirements. All have mission-critical applications which require a rigorous approach to understanding both business and IT related implications for successful implementation and maintenance.

If you are looking for a true partner in the success of your Enterprise projects ADVANTIS has the knowledge and experience that only comes from a sustained focus on the unique expertise required for the industries in which our clients' operate.

Please contact us to begin a dialogue on how ADVANTIS Global can help your company achieve its IT objectives.