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ADVANTIS Global is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Where will you be 1 year from now?

We arrive in 2013 as a collective team sharing one fundamental understanding: that we are indeed on the verge of greatness. Looking back, it’s nearly impossible to recount the innumerable and herculean efforts that have consistently propelled ADVANTIS forward.

Our journey continues, as it began, on the notion that true greatness is achievable. It is difficult to attain, challenging to sustain, but absolutely worth the effort to achieve. And, thus, here we stand atop the pillars of our own organic growth which have fueled our collective drive to succeed, propelling us headfirst toward ever greater heights.

We’re not just proud, we’re also humbled by the knowledge that we must continually strive to improve. We’re not just motivated; we’re driven by an insatiable hunger to persevere with every step we take forward. We have not arrived on the doorstep of greatness through luck or good fortune alone. We’re here because we will ourselves to be so.

Our unanimous pledge is that we will never be content with the status quo. The status quo is today. It is this moment. It is every waking second that, as both individuals and a collective team, we are not pushing ourselves to new limits in pursuit of greatness.

Experience is only as relevant as the success you leave in your wake. Never underestimate the power of a driven few to change the course of a Company, or even, an Industry. The power of those few to turn action into achievement is inexorable.

Join us on the verge and dare to be great!


Hayden Pruitt, VP Sales



Sales Manager to
Director of Business Operations

Joined AGS August 2011

ADVANTIS provided me the opportunity to grow individually and as part of a team. I’ve been given the tools necessary to perform essential duties of my job, and through hard work, a great team around me, and a positive attitude, I’ve been able to advance my career and l look forward to continuing to do so as the company reaches even greater heights.


Recruiter to Sales to
Sales Manager

Joined AGS December 2010

I believe in aiming above the great and reaching for the extraordinary. I work hard, and invest much toward my success. ADVANTIS cultivates an environment that has fostered my growth both personally and professionally — and I appreciate a company that believes in its employees.


Recruiter to Sales to
Sales Manager

Joined AGS December 2010

The reason I am committed to ADVANTIS is because my personal efforts, successes, and achievements have always been recognized and appreciated.  As a team we’ve become a close unit, and what everyone is doing today, regardless of role or tenure, is building a foundation not only for the current generation but for future generations, and more importantly — for future career advancement. That’s exciting to be part of!

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